Last year we made the decision to complete the renovation of the third floor of the Point of Hope Development Center. This capital campaign was called “Breaking through Barriers” and had the purpose of renovating the remaining class-rooms into life-skill development rooms. This was a large under-taking due to the remaining rooms were completely stripped of anything with any value. All of the wiring and wood had been stripped from the walls when the building sat abandoned for several years. Well now is the time to finish off the renovation!

The donors who have made the Breaking through Barriers campaign a reality need to be recognized for their generous hearts! Thanks to each of you for your support of this project.

While the majority of the renovations will take place during the summer, when ACF mission teams visit the Point of Hope, a few things are being done now. The third floor bathroom will be completed in April and the door frames and other small construction projects will also be done prior to the teams arriving.

The end results will be magnificent! The 125 children we serve on a daily basis will have access to a preschool play area for those times when playing outside are not conducive, a wood-working classroom, and sewing/fabrics classroom, and a cooking classroom. These 4 new rooms along with a new restroom will give our children a chance to develop some valuable life-skills needed to survive in their environments.

During the last week in March the older kids who will benefit from the Breaking through Barriers campaign were taken up to the third floor where an announcement of the renovation plans was made to them. You could sense their excitement! However, the impact these rooms will have on the kids will not set in until they see the finished project and get to actually develop their life-skills in these rooms.

ACF is so very thankful to ALL of our supporters for their commitment to these children. The Breaking through Barriers campaign had 2 goals. First, was to raise the $43,000 needed to complete the renovations. The second goal is to raise an additional $17,000 for the ongoing costs of the program for 2 years. We have successfully raised the first $43,000 and are now working on the $17,000. If you feel called to support the completion on this project you can click on the link below to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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