We just want to send out a huge thank you to all of the supporters who donated towards the bibles that will be delivered to our kids very soon. During a recent mission trip to Romania our Executive Director- Tim Oloffson was able to get his hands on a couple of the bibles that will be given to the kids and their families.

“I was surprised at the high quality of the bible that will be given to these kids and their families”, said Tim during his most recent trip. “The kids will be excited to have an easy to read bible available to them.” Tim goes on to say that. ‘it is only because of our supporters generosity and prayers that we are able to do this great ministry.”

The bibles given to the children are a new revision of the bible that is much easier to read than the previous edition that was available. This New Translated Version has been widely acclaimed as a blessing to the more literary challenged people in Romania.

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