Another Child Foundation is blessed to have several special supporters who are deeply invested, heart and soul, into the work that God is doing at our school in Romania, the Point of Hope.  Jan Larson is one of those wonderful people.  Here is her story in her own words of her journey with us.

“My relationship with ACF Mission trips began in 2010 when our daughter, Abby, and I served at Point of Hope.  My husband, Jim, and son, Luke, had served the year before at Zau Orphanage.  When Jim returned, his first response was that he wanted me to go because the children needed what I had to give. He has consistently supported our family’s involvement with ACF. Abby and I served two teams together and our other son, Ian, also served on two teams at Point of Hope.  Abby’s second trip was at the camp where she had an amazing experience which led her to serving two summers as a camp counselor in the U.S. and now as a missionary in Rwanda.

At Point of Hope, I was struck by the stark difference between the preschool children and the older children. (At that time the older children had not had the opportunity to attend POH.) There was joyous expectation in the eyes of the young children and trusting willingness.  Yet, in the older children I could see distrust and less hope.  Some of the older siblings were withdrawn and suspicious, some curious yet uncertain.

One pre-teen, Ana, arrived the first day wearing ragged clothes and her body odor was so strong that others would not sit near, shunning her. During the Bible story of Esther, I chose Ana to dress up as Queen Esther.  All the other children snickered but their reactions changed when Ana re-entered the room transformed by beautiful robes, jewels and head scarf.  The next day, Ana returned to Point of Hope bathed and wearing her best clothes and a shy but radiant smile. Ana sat, front and center, and paid rapt attention to each lesson.

That is the mission goal of ACF.  Ana was reached by our mission team, taught the Word of God, and transformed by the love she experienced.  Over the past 9 years and six mission trips, I have witnessed the gradual change in the community.  The women I have been blessed to befriend have, like the children, been given hope and confidence.  When I return this June, I know I will be greeted as a fellow sister-in-Christ and friend.  Point of Hope is more than a school, it is a beacon of love and hope for the community.  That is one of the many reasons our family continues to support ACF and POH each month through sponsorship and providing for the many needs of the outreach programs.  My experiences with ACF Mission trips and participation in Guardian Angel projects here in the U.S.A. have transformed my daily life and have given me a passion for reaching, teaching and transforming where I live and serve.  To God be the glory!”

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