It’s almost time again for ACF’s 21 Days of Prayer.  As Christians, we’re called to pray continually, and the purpose of 21 Days of Prayer is to pray daily from April 1st through 20th for specific needs of the precious, severely at-risk children that God has entrusted to the care of our ministry in Romania.  This gives you the opportunity to strengthen your prayer time in the days leading up to Easter and to connect your heart and mind to a hurting child who is thousands of miles away.

The children we serve at the Point of Hope are at a crucial time in their development.  We have very young students who are just beginning our program, while our oldest group is finishing and maturing into young adults.  As Roma or Gypsy children, they struggle against the ugliness of discrimination.  They are all living in extreme poverty being raised by hurting people who grew up with feelings of deep hopelessness which has led to severe depression.  Unfortunately, many also come from broken homes with one or both parents not in the picture, and some of our children live in abusive homes because of excessive alcohol use.  Sadly, a few students have had to drop out of school and leave our program too soon because their parents made them get a job.

We believe our God is bigger than all this darkness and despair.  He is breaking the chains of this cycle of poverty through the love of Jesus and the Christian based education, equipping, and ministry they receive at the Point of Hope.  Our children MUST be covered in prayer as they come under attack daily.

During this three-week prayer movement, we will be sending you emails with specific prayer focuses so your prayers can minister to our children’s spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.  All we need is you to commit to prayer for 21 days!

For more information or to sign up, follow the link below:



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